Top Hotels in England & Ireland

There are many hotels located across England. The fantastic selection of hotels across England, as well as across the rest of the United Kingdom, can make finding the right one to stay at difficult. Don't worry because we have compiled a list of some of the best hotels across the UK. 

Hotels In Ireland

City Hotel Derry is one of the best hotels in Ireland and the Maldron Hotel is another great place to stay at. The City Hotel features 158 guestrooms, and some of the rooms have air conditioning, as well as featuring one of the best restaurants in derry. Each room is equipped with televisions, facilities to make tea and coffee, as well as hairdryers. As for the Maldron Hotel, it has a pub inside and some of the rooms are equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows that offer you amazing views of the city.

Another great hotel includes the Bellinter House in Navan. The hotel features quirky lighting in its Drawing Room and it features original designer furniture. If you're looking for a unique place to stay at, then look no further than the Bellinter House.

In short, the best hotels in Ireland are

. City Hotel Derry

. Maldron Hotel

. Bellinter House

Hotels In Scotland

Scotland features unique places to stay at, which includes Glenapp Castle. The castle sits on 36 acres of woodland and gardens, and it is a luxury hotel. It is about two miles from Ballantrae and some of its rooms are decorated with antiques. WiFi is available in every single room and so are TVs and DVD players. Fireplaces can also be found in some of the rooms, while upgraded suites offers you amazing views of the sea. Let's not forget to mention that you'll receive a full Scottish breakfast, which is complimentary.

The Causeway Hotel is located in Bushmills and it sits atop a cliff. Guests will enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean and they can take a stroll along the Causeway Coastal walking path. Some rooms feature en suite bathrooms and some have private terraces.

To summarize the above, some of the best hotels in Scotland include

. Glenapp Caslte

. Causeway Hotel

Hotels In England

England is home to some of the best hotels in the world. For example, there is Tavistock House in Tavistock, the Fairhaven Country guest house in Goathland or the Edgar House in Chester. Each of those hotels have their own unique features such as rooms that have stylish and elegant designs to gorgeous lounges and many other kinds of amenities. Those are only a few of the amazing hotels you can stay at in England.

In short, some of the best hotels in England are

. Tavistock House

. Fairhaven Country guest house

. Edgar House

It doesn't matter if you want to stay somewhere in Ireland, Scotland or England, you should have no problem finding a hotel you and your family will love. Whether you want to stay in a castle or a traditional hotel near or in a city or a unique hotel in the middle of nowhere, you will find it in the UK.